Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Ballad of Bhapa and Mishti Doi

 Bhapa Doi

The ballad of Bhapa and Mishti Doi 

(With reference to my post on Mishti Doi)

A cream come true when they set,
Both of the deserted milk ilk,
Bhapa and his lady love dulcet
Were desserts not to forget!

Mishti was sweet and coy,
Of saffron smooth complexion
While burly brawny Bhapa boy
A bhadra Banga mahashoy!

Then tragedy smote the duo
As a matron thrifty ‘n crafty
Prudently wouldn’t a thing throw
Separated the belle from her beau!

Mishti resolved to meet her fate
Adorned with sparkling zigzags
Bhapa sweltered in the grate
Vowing reunion at the pearly gate!

This is what happened to the second half of the mixture I concocted with the leftover Rasmalai milk and hung curd!

Bhapa Doi

1 cup thickened milk (leftover rasmalai or basundi or even rabdi will do)
1 cup hung curd or greek yoghurt
Cardamom, nutmeg, saffron according to your taste and as required
Sugar or sweetener to taste
Crushed pistas and a few saffron threads for garnishing

Mix all the ingredients well. Pour into small moulds or ramekins about ¾ high. Pre-heat the oven to180 C. Arrange the ramekins in a water bath. Start with hot water- not cold.  Bake for about 30 minutes or until done. 

Serve with a garnish of saffron threads and crushed pistas in the ramekins or unmould as cakes in a plate or bowl. You will need to mop up the excess liquid with a kitchen towel. 


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