Monday, 10 December 2012

Pear shaped to perfect sorbet

Pear Sorbet

So there were these half a dozen pears lying in the forgotten recesses of the crisper. Why were they there? Well, they had been placed in there to chill and just got bullied and pushed back by other vegetables and fruit, until they were rescued and resuscitated.

Triage time- how bad were they? Browned and squishy in parts, but not smelly. Hmm… Salvaging them is worth a try…

So they get cleaned and culled and cored and cut- the yield is about four pears. Not bad.

Boiled with a cup of water, a teaspoon of lemon juice, some sweetener as needed and they get taken off the heat.  A cup of any good white wine is the much desired elixir. A quick blitz with a hand held mixie and the slush is ready to be frozen. It does need to be whipped a few times, from time to time. Oh, this is only to prevent the ice crystals forming; moreover, the wine takes care of part of it.

In just a few hours, the situation has gone from pear shaped to a perfect sorbet.

Now it is the pears' turn to nudge aside other fruit!

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