Saturday, 21 December 2013

"Free Foods - Festive Foods" -2

Mint, cucumber and avocado soup

I am re-posting this soup as part of my "Free Foods - Festive Foods" series for Sugarfree Sensations

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Sunny day splash!

This cool soup is great for the Aussie scorchers. The combination is a natural – the water based, slightly astringent sensation of cucumber is effectively emulsified by the creamy smoothness of the avocado, and just as you are about to be lulled by an emollient spoonful, the mint unexpectedly spikes you. The cumin and tiny piece of green chilly provide the piquant quotient.


Try this soup with a brown rice salad. You can serve it in paper cups and even take it on a picnic!


4 Lebanese cucumbers, sliced into roundels
1 ripe avocado – pitted and flesh scooped out 
 ½ cup fresh mint leaves
Lemon juice to taste
A pinch of Splenda to round off the taste (optional)
½ tsp Roasted cumin powder
Salt pepper to taste
1 inch piece of green chilly (optional)
Cold water as required
Cherry tomatoes and mint leaves to garnish


Process the cucumber, avocado, mint, chilly in a food processor until smooth. Add as much water as you like, starting with a little and then gradually adding more. Give it one last zap and then remove into a bowl. Add the salt, pepper, lemon juice and roasted cumin powder to taste.
Chill before serving with a garnish of mint and cherry tomatoes.


  1. Like the ingredients, the soup also looks cool. Tomato topping adds extra value to your photograph..Love it :)


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